Monday, 20 March 2017

Blood Drip Test

Before we started to shoot we wanted to experiment in terms of lighting and angles that we could use.  This resulted in us doing a blood drip test in which we melted red lipstick but made it appear as if it was blood. This was a way to represent the femininity of the character while connoting quite sinister aspects. we only used one light therefore the lighting was uneven so we were aware that when we began to shoot we would have to use two light sources to balance it out.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Changes made to the story:

After discussing with our teacher the difficulty we had shooting the death scene. we have decidedto change the narrative of the title sequence and the location

Death Scene Take 2

Props we used:

we re-shot using the Drama Room in the Art Department. it was quite a low lit room with black walls. we set up a table against the wall and covered it with a red table cloth because it is a suggestive colour. it was originally creased so we ironed it.                                                                                            

The Mise-En-Scene was more flattering to the genre. Although, the lighting was off in the shots and there were still problems with the Mise-En-Scene because there were white specks on the wall which were quite off-putting. As well as this, the props were not as realistic as they could be. to specify the drink in the glasses was water, where as it should be a drink that represents something an adult would drink in a bar such as wine or whiskey.                                                          
The light seemed to reflect off of the wall which made it hard to shoot and to focus the camera in the dark lighting

Death Scene take 1

Our first attempt at shooting the death scene was shot at Maddie Hodges house, in which we had set it up to be some kind of Restaurant/Bar. However, it didn't come across this way. it was still successful in some ways such as the cinematography and the lighting. However, the Mise en Scene didn't work as it wasn't suggestive of the genre. we used Kaan Gunduz as the Male Victim and he played the character very well but we will need to re shoot using a different location to create a more sophisticated setting.

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